Wyoming LLC Formations $199 - Done Same Day

Wyoming LLC Formations: $199

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Forming A Wyoming LLC

Forming a Wyoming LLC online is easy. Generally, people choose Wyoming for the simplicity, privacy and nation leading asset protection. Our LLC formation service has a same day guarantee and provides anonymity. The Secretary of State allows online filings, so we receive your Articles of Organization back instantly.

We also prepare important documents such as the operating agreement, resolution to open a bank account and more. Don't accept a provider that makes you complete blank templates. With our service everything is ready to print and take to the bank. Our total price is $199 and everything we need to form your llc is here.

Wyoming LLC Benefits

Wyoming has a business friendly culture which values low fees, no taxes and privacy. Other states charge more, put your personal information into a searchable database and provide worse asset protection. You may find a fuller list of Wyoming LLC benefits here.

Low Fees

The first year is $199. Future years are $50 for the annual report and $49 for our agent service.


Anonymously own your company so nosy neighbors, needy family members and aggressive creditors can't find you.

Asset Protection

Charging order protection for Single Member LLCs. Ideal for small businesses and holding companies.  

No Taxes

No tax on personal or corporate income. There are no WY tax returns to file.


Your LLC can be formed online. An operating agreement is not required and close LLCs are allowed. 

Why let us form your LLC?

  • Cheaper and faster than Legal Zoom.
  • Same Day Guarantee
  • 24/7 Online Document Center
  • $49 Agent Service
  • Not A Faceless National Provider

What do you get for $199?

  • Use Our Address
  • Anonymous Ownership
  • Important Paperwork
  • First Year of Agent Service
  • A No Stress Process - We Do Everything

Other Formation Services:

  • Charge More to Use Their Address
  • Provide a P.O. Box - NOT a Physical Address
  • Provide No Free or Expensive Mail Forwarding
  • Have high agent fees. We only charge $49.


There are many good reasons to desire private ownership. It is not unusual or a sign of being up to no good. Have you considered advertising your net worth and account numbers? Of course not, so why make your business affairs viewable to everybody when you don't have to?

The Secretary of State never asks who the owners or managers of a company are. When we set up your LLC only our information goes on the formation documents. We are listed as the organizer (the person who files the articles of organization), and your information does not appear. This is a leading reason people choose a professional Wyoming LLC formation service, rather than forming the LLC yourself. Learn more about Wyoming LLC privacy here.

The only time you won't require one is if you are establishing single member LLC solely for titling non-revenue producing assets. Otherwise, having partners, opening a bank account and hiring employees are some examples of when you will require an EIN. An employer identification number is functionally equivalent to a person's social security number.

You may use our service to save the time and hassle of dealing with the IRS. Or, you may read our guide for obtaining your EIN here. The whole process takes about 20m if you have a SSN. If you are a non-resident, then you will need to fax your SS4 in. We are happy to help obtain foreign EINs. Simply check the box on the order form when checking out.

You are not required to have an operating agreement in Wyoming. There are good reasons to still have one, though:

  • Banks frequently request them.
  • It ratifies ownership percentages and contributions.
  • Verbal contracts are difficult to enforce.
  • It ensures members and managers agree to best practices. 

The order form has a choice between a member-managed and a manager-managed LLC. The difference is in who is allowed to sign on behalf of the company for bank accounts, contracts etc.

Members in member managed companies these authorities. For manager managed organizations, these authorities are vested with the managers; and all, some, or none of the members may be managers. Learn more about LLC operating agreements here.

Wyoming close LLCs have fewer corporate formalities and are easier to maintain. After formation, there are no annual meetings, nor are votes required for every decision. The assumption is owners know each other and are in frequent contact. They are designed for single member LLCs, family owned businesses and tight knit groups.

Wyoming was the first state to allow limited liability companies. Since their introduction here, all 50 states now allow them and approximately 2/3 of new companies are LLCs. Wyoming has continued to stay ahead of the competition by strengthening the relevant asset protection statutes.

Respecting single member LLCs: Other states allow creditors to pierce the corporate veil. The argument is a one owner company is an alter ego of the person and deserves no protection. In such cases the company's liabilities will become your own. Wyoming's LLC act specifically mentioned single members LLCs enjoy the same protections as multi-member LLCs. Learn more about single member LLCs here.

Charging order protection: Other states make it easy for a personal creditor to seize your LLC, liquidate its assets and distribute everything. Wyoming does not allow this - even for single member LLCs. LLC assets cannot be used to satisfy personal judgements.

Learn more about Wyoming LLCs and Asset Protection here.

Limited liability companies offer the ability to be taxed as disregarded entities, partnerships, s-corps and c-corps. This flexibility lets you choose the best option for your situation.  Wyoming does not require an annual tax filing. You should discuss which tax election is best for your situation with an accountant.

Each company receives five free pieces of mail forwarding or scanning. Those needing more may opt for a virtual office which includes unlimited daily mail forwarding, unique suite number, lease and phone number.

Wyoming LLC Fees

Wyoming's Secretary of State only charges $50 per year to keep your company open. There is even a 60 day grace period for failing to file your annual report on time. Inside of this period there are no penalties. 

Our Wyoming LLC formation service costs $199 the the first year. This includes everything you need to take to the bank except an EIN. In future years, the annual report is $50 and our agent service is $49.

  • Name Change $50
  • Amendment to Articles of Organization $50
  • Updating Mailing Address $0
  • Adding or Removing Members $0