Asset Protection Strategies

A multi-layer approach to asset protection is most effective. The goal is to change the calculus for your creditors and to end up with more than you would have otherwise. Forming an LLC is an important first step, but additional layers of protection can and should be implemented. They include:

  • Forming Multiple Companies - This separates business assets and liabilities.
  • Establishing A 401k - This reduces taxes and shields assets from creditors.
  • Forming a Trust - These have long been used to transfer and protect wealth.

Our office can help construct a strategy designed to fit your particular needs.

Solo & Self Directed 401k

Setting up a 401k for yourself has numerous benefits, from tax deferrment to the little known ability to invest in real estate. Learn more here.

Asset Protection Trusts

Trust have been used for hundreds of years to protect wealth. They can be used to shield assets from creditors, protect your identity when owning a home and to ensure your assets are properly passed onto the next generation.

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