Form a Wyoming LLC $199 - Done Same Day

Wyoming Limited Liability Company (LLC)

Why publish personal information, pay more and make your assets easy for creditors to seize?
The answer is you shouldn't - and that's why Wyoming exists.

Forming A Wyoming LLC

Wyoming was the first state to allow LLCs and leads the nation to this day. Forming a Wyoming LLC is easy and can be done online. We have a same day guarantee and our total price is $199. All the information we need to form your llc is on this form.

Wyoming LLC Benefits

We have a business friendly culture which values low fees, no taxes and strict privacy. Other states charge more in filing fees, put your personal information into a searchable database and won't respect your single member LLC when it matters most. These benefits make Wyoming Limited Liability Companies popular regardless of where you live:

Low Fees

We charge $199 the first year. Future years cost $50 to file the annual report and $49 to maintain our registered agent service.


Anonymously own your company so nosy neighbors, needy family members and aggressive creditors can't take advantage of you.

Asset Protection

Charging order protection for Single Member LLCs. Ideal for small businesses and holding companies.  

No Taxes

No tax on personal or corporate income - ever. No need to file state tax returns.


Your LLC can be formed online. An operating agreement is not required and close LLCs are allowed. 


Why use Pinnacle to form your LLC?

  • We are CHEAPER and FASTER than Legal Zoom.
  • Same Day Guarantee - Even On Weekends
  • 24/7 Access to Your Online Document Center
  • $49 Yearly Registered Agent Service
  • Reach Out With Questions Any Time
  • We're Not A Faceless National Provider

What do you receive for $199?

  • All Fees Paid - No Worries or Surprises
  • Use Our Professional Business Address
  • Anonymous Ownership - Use Our Name
  • Important paperwork - Articles, Operating Agreement, Resolutions & More
  • First Year of Registered Agent Service
  • 24/7 Access to Your Online Document Center
  • A No Stress Process - We Do Everything

Things to look out for

  • Providers who charge more for using their address 
  • A P.O. Box rather than a physical address
  • No Free Mail or Expensive Forwarding
  • High registered agent fees. We charge $49.


Do I need an EIN?

The only time you won't require one is if you are solely using the LLC to title assets. If you intend on opening a bank, have more than one member, or have employees, then you will need one. We can handle this for you or you can read our guide for obtaining your EIN here. The whole process takes about 20m. 

Is an operating agreement required?

You are not required to have an operating agreement in Wyoming. There are reasons to still have one, though:

  • It can be used to hold all members and managers to account by requiring best practices be maintained. 
  • It codifies ownership and what each member is expected to contribute. Not writing such things makes future disputes immeasurably harder. 
  • Banks frequently ask for them. 

We provide different operating agreements depending on whether you have one owner or multiple and if you are professionally managed. Learn more about LLC operating agreements here.

What is a Close LLC?

Close LLCs have fewer corporate formalities and are thus easier to maintain. There is no required annual meeting, nor are members votes required for every large decision. After formation, you will have no further paperwork until your annual report is due the next year. This makes maintaining your company easy, especially for single member limited liability companies where holding meetings is superflous.

Wyoming LLC Privacy

There are many reasons to desire private ownership - it is not unnatural or a sign of being up to no good.  Have you considered advertising your net worth and account numbers? Of course not, so why make your business affairs viewable to everybody?

Wyoming LLC are private by design. The Secretary of State never asks who the owners or managers of a company are. They only want the name and address of whomever forms the company (us). Your information is not searchable by anyone.

As your registered agent we take your privacy seriously and will never disclose your information to anyone. 

What does it mean to have nation leading asset protection?

Respecting single member LLCs: Other states allow creditors to pierce the corporate veil. The argument is a one owner company is an alter ego of the person and deserves no protection. Wyoming provides identical protections for single and multi-member LLCs. Learn more about single member LLCs here. 

Charging order protection: In other states, a personal creditor can seize your LLC and subsequently force liquidations and distributions. Assets inside the LLC are safe.  

Wyoming LLC Taxes

Limited liability companies offer the ability to be taxed as disregarded entities, partnerships, s-corps and c-corps. This flexibility lets you choose the best option for your situation.  Wyoming does not require an annual tax filing. This makes the state popular for holding companies. 

Mail Forwarding & Virtual Office

Each company receives five free pieces of mail forwarding or scanning. Those needing more may opt for a virtual office which includes unlimited daily mail forwarding, unique suite number, lease and phone number.

Why not choose a Nevada LLC?

Nevada does not have statutes written specifically for Single Member LLCs. This means you have less protection and more uncertainty when seeking asset protection, not just for individuals but holding companies and subsidiaries as well.

Nevada LLCs were popular, until fees increased for seven straight years. Now, our total price is LESS than just the Nevada Secretary of State fees. You will pay $425 in state fees BEFORE you find and pay for a service like ours. Learn more about Wyoming compared to Nevada and Delaware here.

Wyoming LLC Fees

Wyoming's Secretary of State only charges $50 per year to keep your company open. There is even a 60 day grace period for failing to file your annual report on time. Inside of this period there are no penalties. 

  • Name Change $50
  • Amendment to Articles of Organization $50
  • Updating Mailing Address $0
  • Adding or Removing Members $0

What corporate services do we offer?

Services designed to make starting your company simple. Allow us to form your company, run your virtual office, forward your mail and act as your registered agent. You focus on what matters - running your company.

Start A Company $199

Online ordering, same day guarantee, always online portal.

Virtual Offices

Receive a unique suite number, lease, phone number and unlimited mail.

Registered Agent $49

First year free for new companies, and later years are only $49.

Mail Forwarding

Use our address for everything, maintain privacy and ensure you receive important mail.