Doing Business in Wyoming

Doing Business in Wyoming

Wyoming has quietly developed the nation's best jurisdiction for small business.

Why Do business in Wyoming?

  • Nation Leading Asset Protection Laws
  • No Corporate or Personal Income Tax
  • Single Member LLC Protections
  • $50 Annual Report
  • Online Filings
  • Anonymity
  • Low Fees

Wyoming has historically been an advocate of small government and strict privacy laws. This regulatory framework provides benefits to small businesses which are unavailable in other states.

Why publish private information, pay more and make assets easier to seize when you don’t have to? The answer is you don’t and you shouldn’t. You should do business in Wyoming.

Forming a Wyoming company provides the benefits listed to your left. We charge $199 to form an LLC or Corporation, have a same day guarantee and an online portal for your important documents.

Who can benefit from Wyoming's business environment?

The short answer is nearly everyone. The long answer is a little more complex. Those with location independent companies, such as e-commerce stores or consultants, have the flexibility to move their domicile to where their business is treated best. Plus, our virtual offices let you work from anywhere.

Those who have employees and operations in other states have to be more creative. Generally, the Wyoming company will hold valuable assets and then lease and loan them back to the companies which need them. Learn more about holding companies here and incorporating in Wyoming here.

What corporate services do we offer?

Services designed to make starting your company simple. Allow us to form your company, run your virtual office, forward your mail and act as your registered agent. You focus on what matters - running your company.