New Mexico Virtual Office

New Mexico Virtual Office

Work from anywhere

Why use a Virtual Office?

Professional Face

Use our office building as your corporate face. Looks more professional than a home when dealing with clients and vendors.


Don't worry about a lease or reams of junk mail. We do that for you.


Quit using your home address for everything. Your personal information should be private.

What do you get?


You receive a commercial lease agreement for presenting to banks.


You receive a New Mexico or toll free number. Fax to email is available as well.

Mail Forwarding

Virtual offices include unlimited mail handling. We may either scan everything to your portal or ship it anywhere you are.

Why our virtual office?

We suggest avoiding national providers which charge shocking amounts to be your agent and handle mail. These "national" competitors often simply resell local providers. Choose us for professional team and personalized service.

Who uses virtual offices?

Consultants, online businesses, virtual assistants, ecommerce stores, ebay and amazon sellers, telemarketing firms and more.

Just need Mail Forwarding?

Don't worry about the mail when we can do it for you. Use our address for anything, keep your privacy and reduce your worries. Just login when you want. You have a few options to your right:

  • 5 Free Pieces w/ Agent Service
  • +$5 Per Additional Piece
  • Unlimited Weekly Mail Forwarding/Scanning for $150
  • Unlimited Daily Mail Forwarding/Scanning for $200
  • OR: Virtual Office for $300

New Mexico Services

Our services are made with you in mind. Let us handle the corporate formalities so you can run your company.

New Mexico LLC

Anonymity, low fees, simplified reporting and more.

New Mexico Corporation

From A to incorporated - Let us handle the process.

NM Registered Agent

Includes use of our address and free mail handling.

Virtual Office

Use our office instead of yours. Mail, Phone & More