New Mexico LLC Formation

New Mexico LLCs

Reduced Reporting
Low Fees

Forming A New Mexico LLC

New Mexico provides the nation's simplest LLC. After formation there are no additional filings or reports. This means no fees to pay out or deadlines to keep up with. This also means that, over time, New Mexico offers the nation's cheapest limited liability company. Our service is simple. We have an online order form and a same day guarantee. Your documents are always online and you may call whenever you like.

New Mexico only requires the name of the person filing the paperwork. Members and managers are not listed. Plus, with no additional reports to file, you won't have to pay for a nominee service to protect your identity. These reduced formalities make New Mexico LLCs ideal for privacy minded and cost conscious individuals.

New Mexico LLC Benefits

Low Fees

We charge $199 the first year. Future years are $49 TOTAL to maintain our registered agent service. You can't get cheaper.


Online ordering, same day guarantee, no annual reports and more make New Mexico LLCs the nation's simplest.


Owners and managers are kept private. Your information will not go into a searchable database. Stay anonymous.

Asset Protection

Protect your personal assets from business creditors and prevent treasure hunters from seeing what you own.


Is New Mexico The Cheapest LLC?

Yes, New Mexico has the nation's cheapest LLC. Their initial filing fee is low, but what makes the difference are the lack of annual reports or additional fees. Over many years this can add up to hundreds or thousands of dollars in saved fees. These savings mean New Mexico LLCs are the least expensive to form and maintain.

Why use us to form your LLC?

  • We are CHEAPER and FASTER than Legal Zoom
  • Same Day Guarantee - Including Weekends
  • 24/7 Access to Your Online Document Center
  • $49 Yearly Registered Agent Service
  • Reach Out With Questions Any Time
  • We're Not A Faceless National Provider

What does $199 include?

  • All Fees Paid - No Worries or Surprises
  • Anonymous Ownership - Use Our Name
  • Use Our Professional Business Address
  • Important paperwork - Articles, Operating Agreement, Resolutions & More
  • First Year of Registered Agent Service
  • 24/7 Access to Your Online Document Center
  • A No Stress Process - We Do Everything


What is an Anonymous LLC?

Other states which allow anonymous LLCs, such as Wyoming, require an annual report. While a nominee can complete the report, this significantly increases cost. It also reduces the number of times your identity could be exposed. These attributes make New Mexico LLCs private and cheap to maintain.

What use is an Anonymous LLC?

Anonymous companies can be used for maintaining private hobbies to protecting assets. You may have a blog which is making some money, but you don't want to disclose your identity to the world. Or maybe you want to keep your name off of your personal residence's title. You may also set up a "personal bank" which lends you money, but has no obvious trails back to you. These are just some reasons people form anonymous limited liability companies.

What is an LLC?

The definition of a limited liability company is in the name. An LLC is an entity which exists separately from its owners. The company as a result is responsible for its own debts, though owners have full enjoyment of profits.

This separation also creates the ability to save on taxes. Shifting income away from yourself and into an LLC lowers your tax burden. These benefits, combined with New Mexico's low cost and anonymity, make LLCs the most popular for small businesses.

Should I get an EIN?

Nearly ever company needs one. Only if the LLC is solely used to title assets will it not. Otherwise, if you want to open a bank account, have employees or generate revenue, then you will need one.

You may either retain our services to obtain the EIN or follow the guide here. The process takes around twenty minutes.

Is an operating agreement included?

We include an operating agreement with every limited liability company. The agreement will be pre-filled with your information and provided in word format. Operating agreements ratify ownership and banks frequently request them. Read more about operating agreements here.  

Do you include any mail forwarding?

Every client receives five pieces of free mail forwarding. This excludes registered agent and junk mail. Mail we receive is promptly scanned to your online portal. If you receive credit cards, checks, or anything large, then we will forward your items at cost. Learn more about New Mexico Mail Forwarding & Virtual Offices here.

New Mexico LLC Fees

New Mexico's Secretary of State charges the following fees:

  • Name Change $50
  • Name Reservation $50
  • Amendment to Articles of Organization $50
  • Updating Mailing Address $0
  • Adding or Removing Members $0
  • Dissolution $25
  • Reinstatement $25
What if I'm a single member LLC?

If you are forming an LLC for asset protection, then you should consider forming a Wyoming LLC. Wyoming's LLC act provides considerably more protection, especially for single member LLCs. Those who are cost conscious may form a Wyoming holding company, and use New Mexico Limited Liability Companies for subsidiaries. Read more about single member LLCs here.

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