Doing Business in Colorado

Doing Business in Colorado

Welcome to the Mile High State

Why Form a Company?

  • Limits Liability
  • Better Tax Treatment
  • More Professional
  • Easier to Grow
  • Everything Done Online

Forming a company provides asset protection, better tax treatment, increased privacy and helps you appear more professional. These benefits more than outweight the cost of forming a company and the time to open a bank account.

We believe getting into business should be easy. When you're ready, we have an online order form and same day guarantee designed to get you on your way. Until then, browse our resource articles and Do-it-Yourself (DIY) guides.

Colorado Corporate Services

We have services designed to make starting and getting the most out of your company easy. Allow us to form your company, provide an address, handle mail and act as your registered agent. You focus on what matters - your company.

Form a Colorado LLC

Same day guarantee, complete our order form and be done.

Colorado Corporations

Let us handle the incorporation process.

CO Registered Agent

Keep your identity private, first year free with new companies.

Holding Company

Additional creditor protection available for those wanting them.

What is Corporate Structuring?

The corporate veil is known for protecting personal assets from corporate creditors. Those desiring additional protections, or lower taxes, will find their solution through corporate structuring. The formation of additional entities allows the safe guarding of assets and shifting of income to friendlier entities and jurisdictions.

Holding companies, trusts and retirement funds provide unique opportunities to protect assets and save on taxes. Learn more about creditor protection here.

What about other states?

Those with a location or employees in Colorado must form at least one Colorado company. While Colorado allows anonymous ownership, It does not offer the same asset protection as Wyoming, nor the simplicity of New Mexico.

Wyoming offers nation leading asset protection and no state taxes. These benefits can be leveraged via a holding company which protects assets and lower taxes. Learn about forming a Wyoming LLC or corporation today.

New Mexico offers an extremely easy to maintain LLC. After formation there are no annual, or other, reports to keep up with. Learn more about the New Mexico LLC here.