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The asset protection landscape inside the U.S.A. presents interesting opportunities for those willing to take them. The same is true for privacy and tax management. Often, the only requirement for these opportunities is planning ahead.

This site is meant to dispel the notion that asset protection is not accessible to small business owners. Too often they feel corporate structuring isn’t worth the time or expense. This is a shame as small business owners often work the hardest and have the most to lose.

Take Control

There is no need to go offshore as other practitioners advocate. One thing I learned from living and doing business in the Caribbean is that if you try to hide your money it will sooner hide from you. There are offshore strategies, but they tend to be expensive, require travel and are scrutinized by the IRS. If it’s too cheap or easy to be true, then you already have your answer.

Most are better suited hiding in plain sight by taking advantage of various jurisdictions within the States. Numerous states allow self-settled trusts and Wyoming’s LLC is revered worldwide, to name a few opportunities. The key is changing your creditor’s economic analysis by layering entities and thus erecting barriers.

The commoditization of financial services has broadened their availability, e.g. companies can now be formed online. You may also form your own 401k, which in turn may form an LLC to act as an investment vehicle. These are just some examples of what is now achievable.

Taxable income can be significantly reduced in some cases. What you will not find here is an obsession with taxes, though. Avoiding catastrophic losses is more important than adding a few points in a given year.

I am neither an attorney nor an accountant, and neither the advice nor services here should be considered as such. What I am is an entrepreneur who took risk management seriously. The result is this site and its services.

Parting Thoughts

This is the service I wish existed when I started my first company. There wasn’t a lot of information online at the time, and unfortunately that is still the case today. There are plenty of people willing to charge outrageous sums, though. Let me help.

You complete the order form and we do the rest. We charge $199 for a new company and have a same day guarantee. The guarantee is as much for you as us. We don’t want your file collecting dust on our desk any longer than you want to be waiting for your company!